Watch: Mitt Romney Reveals How Out of Touch He Is with Painful Admission on 'America First'


In an interview with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, former presidential candidate and long-time Utah Sen. Mitt Romney claimed it was “disorientating” seeing Republicans prioritize the issues of America over foreign country’s plights.

The Republican has seen many different faces of the party across his positions as the Massachusetts governor from 2003 to 2007 and as a current senator of Utah.

During this tenured career, it’s clear that Romney has adopted the mindset that many other high-ups at the capitol have: Don’t rock the boat.

It doesn’t matter that he has already announced he won’t be running for re-election, he still stands with the uni-party in Washington D.C.

But while perhaps the Utah senator and his fellow established elite believe this, it’s not the mindset of many Americans, especially those within the Republican Party.

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When the United States is sending billions of dollars to Ukraine and wearing pins of a foreign flag in Congress while Americans are left to suffer, things need to change.

But while change is needed that doesn’t mean Romney and his fellow uni-party members are going to want it.

Ruhle asked an extremely loaded question to the senator: “There now are people in your party who are now expressing views that would have been unthinkable a few years ago, when you think about support for Ukraine, even the idea that people somehow have similar views of the likes of Vladimir Putin. What is your take on that? Where did it come from?”

Are you glad Mitt Romney is not seeking re-election?

Romney proceeded to give the most out-of-touch and disrespectful possible answer.

Rather than reprimanding Ruhle for her biased and unreasonable claims, he replied, “Yeah, it’s disorientating. To someone like me, it’s unimaginable that in the party of Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush and George W. Bush and John McCain and others that we would see a growing isolationism within our party.”

“I think it flows in part from talk TV, talk radio, the Tucker Carlson of the world that say outrageous things, and the base says, ‘Yeah, exactly,'” he continued.

“Many in our party have followed that populist streak which is, ‘Hey! Stop worrying about the rest of the world. Just worry about what’s going on here.'”

He then claimed that because the United States is involved with the rest of the world it has to partake in foreign affairs — otherwise, “Germany would have ended up ruling the world.”

“We’re involved in the world out of our own self-interest,” Romney claimed.

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As if the Utah senator hadn’t shown his colors enough, he said, “I laugh at the phrase ‘America First'” because “America is putting ourselves first when we’re involved in the world, when we stop bad people.”

From that sentence alone it’s blatantly clear that Romney has absolutely no idea what the phrase “America First” means.

The full interview can be seen below:

Let’s break it down nice and simple, so everyone can understand it.

“American First” means securing the border and ensuring our citizens are safe.

“American First” means preventing Democrats from ruining the economy with terrible economic policy and rampant inflation.

“American First” means helping Americans before helping foreign nations, something East Palestine, Ohio, still hasn’t gotten over a year after a train derailment ruined their city.

What does it matter if all of America’s allies are flourishing if it’s at the expense of its own citizens?

Romney said that the only world where the United States is “safe or prosperous” is one that “follows the order that has existed over the last 75 years,” but are Americans safe or prosperous?

Sen. Romney, do you consider millions of illegal immigrants pouring over our border, very likely committing other illegal acts during it, safe or prosperous?

Sen. Romney, do you consider skyrocketing home prices and inflated essentials safe or prosperous?

Sen. Romney, do you consider liberal district attorneys letting violent criminals get off scot-free safe or prosperous?

Mitt Romney and his fellow established politicians who rally behind the status quo are not interested in the slightest about Americans and their prosperity.

Instead, they’re intent on maintaining what has made them successful — no matter how many of the people they’re meant to serve suffer.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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