Watch: Joy Reid Says It's 'Poetic' That People Prosecuting Trump Are Black - 'My DEIs Are Bringing It Home'


Even despite the stiff competition faced from her fellow anchors and competing establishment news networks, Joy Reid could easily take the crown for most race-obsessed media personality.

From mocking ordinary Americans’ concerns regarding illegal immigration as the unlettered racism of backward yokels, to deriding all her critics as racist misogynists who couldn’t bear seeing her succeed, Reid has attributed more successes and failures to race than even Ibram X. Kendi.

And now, as reported by Mediaite, combining her blind hatred of Donald Trump with her equally blind obsession with race, Reid spent a guest segment on MSNBC praising diversity, equity and inclusion, or “DEI” hires, for leading the prosecution of former President Donald Trump.

As seen in this video shared by The Blaze on the social media platform X, Reid simply could not contain her glee that it was all folks who have the same skin color as herself prosecuting Trump.

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Reid began the segment by telling the host, “for me, there is something wonderfully poetic about the fact that … the first person to actually criminally prosecute Donald Trump is a black Harvard grad,” referring to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Reid continued, gushing about the DEI hires leading these politically motivated cases against Trump, laughably claiming that Bragg was “the very kind of person that his [Trump’s] former staff … want to never be at Harvard Law School, but he was.”

Where in the world did she get that idea?

Is Trump being unfairly attacked?

If anything,  Trump possibly had one of the better track records regarding the diversity of his White House staff.

Even now, his support among the black community has only grown since the campaigning for 2024 began.

Of course, for Reid, if such inconvenient facts did not fit into her narrative, she was free to ignore them.

And so, she then confidently moved on to the now-infamous Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, adding that, “a black woman is doing the same exact thing in Georgia.”

Then she moved onto New York District Attorney Letitia James, a woman who ran for office on the platform of prosecuting Trump.  “And a black woman forced [Trump] to pay a $175 million fine.”

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Again, oblivious to the actual implication of all these “DEI” hires choosing to prosecute Trump all at the same time, Reid wrapped up her nauseatingly jubilant speech by saying, “Donald Trump is being held to account by the very multicultural, multiracial democracy that he’s trying to dismantle, and for me, there’s something poetic and actually wonderful about that.”

Then, as the self-appointed cheerleader for all Trump-addled diversity hires, Reid concluded her little rant by saying, “Go DEI. My DEIs are bringing it home.”

Reid has had an inordinate amount of wrong-headed takes in her day, but the moment the words left her mouth, this one shot right to the top of the list.

For one, whoever said Trump’s prosecutions were all about race? Why does the race of prosecutors even matter?

Shouldn’t their morals and legal abilities matter more?

For another, Reid praising the “DEIs” for leading the charge seems to imply that these strong, independent black women (and one black man) achieved their respective positions not on their own merits, but solely based on their having the right skin color (and, of course, the right politics).

All of which, taken together, would further imply what many folks already suspected, as noted in a poll cited by Fox News that only 35 percent  of Americans believe Trump committed a crime in his upcoming hush-money case.

Nearly two-thirds, then, believe that these charges brought against Trump had nothing to do with actual crimes, but instead were motivated solely by hatred of the man, and fear that he just might win the presidency come November.

Is that really what Reid was trying to say?

Or, more likely, she was probably so blinded by her own race-obsessed perspective and obsession with the supposed evils of Trump that she never stopped to think about what she was actually saying.

And, considering this was Joy Reid, it was so very, very typical.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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