Watch: Harvard Commencement Ceremony Turns into Disaster as Hundreds of Anti-Israel Students Walk Out


The commencement ceremony at Harvard University was crashed on Thursday by hundreds of anti-Israel protestors, many of who walked out of the event and were joined by some of their professors.

The end of the 2023-2024 academic year for the school, which was defined in large part by support for Hamas at the once-reputable Ivy League university, ended with all eyes on those who supported the terror group.

Videos that went viral on social media showed students in caps and gowns storming out of the commencing speech.

Chants of “Let them walk!” were heard.

The New York Times reported the chant was a reference to 13 Harvard students who were told they could not receive their diplomas alongside their classmates because they set up an encampment on campus.

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In the encampment, those students demanded a ceasefire in Gaza where the Israeli military has been at war with terrorism since last fall.

According to ABC News, hundreds of people in total walked out of the commencement event.

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On the way out, some screamed, “Free Palestine!”

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Some Harvard students inside the ceremony also displayed Palestinian flags.

Shruthi Kumar, a Harvard student who spoke on Thursday, accused the school of punishing people for using their First Amendment rights.

She was met with applause.

“This is about civil rights and upholding democratic principles,” she told her fellow graduates. “The students had spoken. The faculty had spoken. Harvard, do you hear us?”

Students earlier in the day displayed a banner on campus that accused Harvard of funding “genocide.”

A school year that began with allegations of plagiarism from then-Harvard President Claudine Gay ended Thursday with the school consumed by an entirely different spectacle.

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