Watch: CNN Reporter Shows 'Absolute Disaster' for Biden Live on Air as Trump Pads Dominant Lead


Former President Donald Trump is crushing President Joe Biden in five battleground states by such wide margins that an analyst with left-wing CNN was astonished.

CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten said the latest polls showed Trump beating the president in Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“Frankly, for the Joe Biden campaign, these numbers are an absolute disaster,” Enten said Monday. “The smallest lead is in Arizona for Donald Trump. He’s up 6 [points]. Look at this, nine in Georgia.”

The New York Times/Siena College polls of 4,097 registered voters were conducted in six battleground states from April 28 to May 9. The Philadelphia Inquirer contributed to the Pennsylvania poll.

The Nevada survey showed the presumptive GOP nominee trouncing Biden by 13 points.

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“My goodness gracious. … That is a huge lead,” Enten said. “No Democrat has lost that state since John Kerry lost it back in 2004.”

The CNN reporter noted that Trump’s smaller leads in Pennsylvania (3 points) and Wisconsin (1 point) were within the margin of error.

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However, Biden’s 1-point lead in Michigan is also within striking range for Trump.

When asked why the former president was outperforming the incumbent so dramatically, Enten said it’s because “the Trump coalition is changing” and getting more racially diverse.

He pointed out that the Republican candidate has gained ground with nonwhite voters even though he has lost some traction among white voters.

“The sense that Mr. Biden would do little to improve the nation’s fortunes has helped erode his standing among young, Black and Hispanic voters, who usually represent the foundation of any Democratic path to the presidency,” The New York Times wrote Monday of its survey.

The left-wing outlet begrudgingly admitted that the disastrous poll results paint a dismal picture of a nation in turmoil under this administration.

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“The findings reveal widespread dissatisfaction with the state of the country and serious doubts about Mr. Biden’s ability to deliver major improvements to American life,” the Times said.

“Nearly 70 percent of voters say that the country’s political and economic systems need major changes — or even to be torn down entirely,” it said.

The White House’s tone-deaf insistence that the economy is doing well has also angered many Americans.

Jacob Sprague, a 32-year-old systems engineer in Nevada, told the Times he voted for Biden in 2020 but will not vote for him in November.

“It is concerning to me when I keep seeing press come out of the White House where they keep saying the economy is good,” Sprague said.

“That’s really weird because I’m paying more on taxes and more on groceries and more on housing and more on fuel,” he said.

You don’t need a poll to tell you that the United States is buckling under the weight of crippling inflation, terrifying crime waves and daily border invasions.

The Biden presidency has been an abject failure across the board. He has to go.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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