Watch: Biden Tells Audience to Marry Into a Family with 5 Daughters in Bizarre Moment During Speech


President Joe Biden advised young men to take wives from families with more than five daughters on Tuesday.

The president was in Nashua, New Hampshire, speaking to an audience about the 2022 PACT Act when he made his remarks.

“I say to every young man thinking of getting married, marry into a family with five or more daughters,” Biden said.

“I did. My wife is the oldest of five sisters.”

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“You know why? One of them will always love you — not the same one. One of them is always going to be on your side. That’s the biggest advantage of marrying into five daughters,” the president added.

Signed by Biden, the PACT Act expanded health care provisions to veterans exposed to toxic materials while discharging their duties in the nation’s armed conflicts overseas.

Over 20 medical conditions, such as but not limited to burn pit exposure and agent orange exposure, are included as presumptive conditions under the act.

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Conditions considered presumptive are assumed to be caused by military service, without the claimant for health benefits having to prove that the conditions were service-related.

Furthermore, the act requires every veteran who signs up for Veterans Affairs healthcare to be given a toxic substance exposure screening.

Since the passage of the act over one million PACT Act-related claims were approved, the Biden administration announced Tuesday.

Furthermore, veterans suffering from cancer receive priority treatment as part of the Cancer Moonshot initiative, the Biden administration said.

“Under President Biden’s leadership, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has processed claims at the fastest rate in history and is delivering health care to more veterans than ever before,” the White House said in the news release.

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“Sometimes military service can result in increased health risks for our veterans, and some injuries and illnesses like asthma, cancer, and others can take years to manifest,” the White House added.

“These realities can make it difficult for veterans to establish a direct connection between their service and disabilities resulting from military environmental exposures such as burn pits — a necessary step to ensure they receive the disability benefits and health care they earned,” the Biden administration said, touting the inclusion of several conditions as presumptive as a solution to the problem.

Biden’s Tuesday trip to New Hampshire was to promote his administration’s accomplishments with the PACT Act.

The president also visited Boston for a fundraiser on Tuesday, according to WHDH.

“Massachusetts is grateful for the opportunity to show our support to President Biden during his visit to Boston,” state Democratic Party Chairman Steve Kerrigan said, according to WBTS-CD.

“We’ve been proud to lead the country on issues as diverse as reproductive rights and offshore wind, and we know that our ideals are shared by the president. Here in Massachusetts, we recognize the need for all Americans to have a team in the White House who fights for them and their families, and we have that team in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” Kerrigan added.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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