Watch: Aaron Rodgers Tells Tucker Carlson How the NFL Forced Players to Get Vaccinated - 'Follow the Money'


Aaron Rodgers dished about vaccines, pharmaceutical companies, government corruption and more during a lengthy interview with Tucker Carlson posted on Tuesday.

The New York Jets quarterback also touched on having been floated as a potential running mate for Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s presidential bid earlier this year during the more than two-hour interview.

Rodgers was not ultimately chosen to run alongside the independent candidate, whom he still supports.

But he said he would never rule out running for political office.

On Carlson’s show on X, the two discussed a wide range of topics, including what Rodgers categorized as a collusion between major corporations, the government and even large entities such as the NFL.

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WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some readers may find offensive. 

The former league MVP said that the endgame for all of the above is money.


“I think you have to realize that it’s all about the money, and as you get into this, you read [Robert Kennedy’s] book about the real Anthony Fauci, you realize if you want to know what’s going on — not just in Big Pharma but in government — is follow the money,” Rodgers said.

The outspoken COVID vaccine skeptic also said his own league forced vaccinations on players in order to please major drug companies such as Pfizer.

Rodgers reminded Carlson that companies such as Pfizer sponsored much of the media coverage about the COVID pandemic, which he saw as a conflict of interest.

“Even in the NFL, I mean there was a strong push,” he said about compelled vaccinations. “They sent stooges out to every team to try and enforce a vaccination level above 90 percent on every team with zero exemption, with zero informed consent.”

Rodgers said the NFL wanted to push vaccinations on players because pharmaceutical companies spend a great deal of money on advertising.

Facebook Being Used to Facilitate Illegal Immigrants' Infiltration of the US, from Border Crossing to Fake Work Credentials: Report

He also took shots at ABC host Jimmy Kimmel and actor Sean Penn, who both made disparaging comments about people who chose not to receive COVID vaccinations during the pandemic.

President Joe Biden was also not spared from criticism from the former Super Bowl winner.

“I’d love to see Joe Biden give an interview where he can speak on the history of the United States in the same way that [Russian President Vladimir Putin] talked about the history of his country.”

Rodgers’ Biden comments were a reference to an interview between Carlson and the Russian leader from February.

Throughout that lengthy interview, Putin stunned many people who watched Caron’s show on X with how well-versed he was in the history of not only his own people but also Russia’s regional neighbors.

Rodgers enraged many on the left before the 2021 season when he was asked if he had been vaccinated.

The quarterback replied, “Yeah, I’ve been immunized.”

As ESPN noted, Rodgers never received any of the vaccines and instead opted for treatments, which he said boosted his immune system.

After he was accused of lying about being vaccinated, Rodgers said, “You know, my desire to immunize myself was what was best for my body, and that’s why this is so important to me.”

Rodgers added, “My medical team advising me that the danger of an adverse event [to a vaccine] was greater than the risk of getting COVID and recovering. So I made a decision that was in the best interest of my body.”

He also said that he believed wholeheartedly in “bodily autonomy” and that if anyone had asked a follow-up question about him being “immunized” he would have been honest about not receiving a vaccine.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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