US Olympian Visiting Friend in Los Angeles Left Bruised and Bloody After Homeless Man Attacks


The Los Angeles homelessness crisis was on full display this weekend as an Olympic silver medalist was allegedly attacked by a homeless man.

In a video shared on Twitter, Olympic volleyball player Kim Glass said a man attacked her unprovoked as she left a lunch with her friends.

“As I was leaving lunch, I was outside, and I was saying goodbye to a friend,” Glass said. “And this homeless man ran up. He had something in his hand. He was on the outside of the car in the street.

“And he just like looked at me with some pretty hateful eyes, and as I turned to go tell my friend, ‘I think something’s wrong with him and I think he’s gonna hit the car,’ before I knew it a big metal bolt — like pipe — hit me.”

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Glass said the events transpired so fast she could hardly determine what was happening. Her eye was swollen shut, and her nose was bloodied in the video.

Another clip reportedly showed the alleged attacker, identified by Fox News as Semeon Tesfamariam, being held to the ground before the police arrived.

A woman who appears to be Glass can also be seen in the background with splatters of blood on the sidewalk in front of her.

Glass was part of a U.S. women’s volleyball team that won a silver medal in the 2008 Olympics, Fox News reported. She won two gold medals with the U.S. Team in 2011 at the Grand Prix and NORCECA Championship.

Tesfamariam was arrested on suspicion of felony assault with a deadly weapon and was being held without bail, LAPD spokesman Officer Drake Madison said.

This attack highlights the risks associated with allowing homeless people to overrun American cities. Many of these homeless people are not mentally stable, and they need help from experts or healthcare providers.

By allowing these people to stay on the streets, Democrats in major blue cities are creating a lose-lose scenario. The homeless people aren’t getting the help they need, and innocent citizens like Glass are endangered.

Facebook Being Used to Facilitate Illegal Immigrants' Infiltration of the US, from Border Crossing to Fake Work Credentials: Report

Some Los Angeles voters blame the homelessness crisis at least partially on District Attorney George Gascon, Fox News reported. A group pushing to recall him said his soft-on-crime tendencies contributed to rising crime rates in the city.

The deadline for the group to turn in signatures for the recall was Wednesday, and they now must be counted and verified. For the recall effort to be successful, the group needed signatures from at least 10 percent of registered voters in the county.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Police Department data from June 5 to July 2, found violent crime was up 8.2 percent from the same period last year, and property crime was up 13.6 percent.


The numbers for overall arrests were inconsistent with these trends as they had decreased 11.5 percent compared to 2021.

As long as radical leftists refuse to punish lawbreakers, America’s major cities will continue to be held hostage to crime. Conservatives must work to ensure law and order throughout the country.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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