Trump's Support Among Latino Voters Causes Actor to Melt Down, Crush Piñata on TV


Whenever leftist media personalities have been faced with the overwhelming truth of this particular election cycle — that formerly Democrat minority voters have jumped ship to Donald Trump in record numbers — the resulting meltdowns have been truly epic.

For instance, refer to Hispanic actor and longtime liberal John Leguizamo’s recent episode as a guest host on The Daily Show, according to Mediaite.

In this segment, the news that Trump has only gained support among the Latino community drove him into a violent rage.

In Leguizamo’s eyes, “Clearly, Trump isn’t making any effort to get Latino voters, or making it a priority.”

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“But,” the enraged Leguizamo continued, “the thing that hurts me the most, is that his lazy-a** strategy is actually working.”

Perhaps, then, that would indicate that his strategy has not been so “lazy,” but please, continue.

Leguizamo then played a segment from a recent CNN report, which showed “former president Trump gaining ground among Latino voters,” leading with 46 percent support over Biden’s 40 percent in a recent poll.

Then Leguizamo, in a bit that was clearly meant to be funny instead of concerning, told the audience “Excuse me for a second, please” before pulling a piñata out from underneath the desk (not doing much to combat stereotypes here, apparently.)

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He proceeded to pummel the defenseless piñata while shouting Spanish curse words, before completely ripping it apart as the clapping seals in the audience laughed and cheered at his unhinged rage, instead of wondering whether there were some medications he should have been taking.

“I’m sorry,” he said, resuming his seat.

Leguizamo then finally admitted something many leftist media types have stubbornly refused to acknowledge, saying, “It looks like the Democrats are in trouble.”

Has a truer statement ever been uttered by a liberal host of late-night television?

Leguizamo and The Daily Show viewers might have been perplexed that Latinos were more in favor of “build-the-wall” and “mass deportations” Donald Trump, but, in reality, many Latinos who came to the country legally have been as passionately in favor of those measures as anyone.

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There were two major takeaways from the segment.

One, it showed why The Daily Show was so desperate to get Jon Stewart back in some capacity.

He might be a diehard leftist, with plenty of terrible and out-of-touch takes on his own, but he was, at the very least, funny.

Leguizamo’s segment was not.

Instead, it was cringy, unfunny and off-putting in its wanton destruction of an innocent piñata. (Again, weren’t liberals supposed to be against perpetuating cultural stereotypes?)

Second, the segment further demonstrated just how remarkably out of touch the liberal elites were and are with the average American voter.

Inflation under Joe Biden’s administration has crippled scores of ordinary people, transforming too many families from comfortable to desperate.

The scourge of countless illegal immigrants flooding the border every day has likewise made life less safe for many people, especially the legal immigrants who don’t want to be associated with those skipping over the border and brazenly breaking the law.

But people are supposed to ignore all that simply because of their skin color?

That might have been the most offensive implication of all.

Ironic that those most obsessed with race have become the most racist when faced with facts they don’t like.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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