Texas Police Arrest Suspected Murderer Who's Illegally in the United States


The consequences of President Joe Biden’s weak border policy continue as police in Splendora, Texas, have arrested an illegal immigrant wanted by Interpol on a charge of murder.

The City of Splendora Police Department posted on their Facebook page that Leo Acosta Sanchez, 21, was arrested Friday in collaboration with federal officers.

Sanchez would travel between Splendora and her residence in Terrenos, Texas, near Houston. She was stopped by officers on patrol, who identified her and called for backup during a traffic stop.

Fox News spoke to Immigration and Customs officials, who confirmed Sanchez is originally from Mexico.

Facebook Being Used to Facilitate Illegal Immigrants' Infiltration of the US, from Border Crossing to Fake Work Credentials: Report

ICE told Fox Sanchez had “entered the United States as a nonimmigrant on Aug. 20, 2023, and violated the terms of her admission.” The organization added, “She remains in ICE custody pending disposition of her immigration proceedings.”

Sanchez is only the latest face of Biden’s disastrous southern border policies. While Houston news outlet KIAH-TV reported that the details of the murder Sanchez has been accused of haven’t been released, clearly her alleged crimes are serious enough if Interpol was after her.

While Biden and Democrats want to paint a picture of refugees crossing our wide-open border to seek shelter from oppressive regimes,  reality paints a different picture.

During a 12-day operation in January, ICE arrested 171 illegal immigrants for alleged crimes of “murder, homicide, or assault against children.”

Do we need a wall across the entire southern border?

Between Feb. 5 and 16, ICE arrested 275 illegals who were convicted sex offenders.

One of the most notable and heart-wrenching crimes came when Jose Antonio Ibarra allegedly attacked and killed Georgia nursing student Laken Riley in February.

Ibarra was indicted on charges of murder and aggravated assault with intent to rape earlier this month.

Biden would only address Riley’s tragic death when goaded to do so by Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene during his State of the Union address in which he embarrassingly and shamefully couldn’t even say her name correctly.

During former President Donald Trump’s first election bid in 2016, he was criticized for his remarks about the southern border as he cast the situation as desperate and implored the American people to “build a wall.” His remarks were portrayed as shocking and repulsive by the leftist media.

Facebook Being Used to Facilitate Illegal Immigrants' Infiltration of the US, from Border Crossing to Fake Work Credentials: Report

In 2024, it’s hard to argue with Trump.

Anyone who believes the people who come to this country illegally do so out of desperation and just want a better life through the American dream should go talk to the friends and families of the dead.

It’s fortunate that state and federal officials were able to apprehend Sanchez and that ICE has made progress in keeping our country safe, but the situation is still terrible.

For all the criminals who are caught, many more slip past Biden’s border and live here without consequences.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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