Suspicious: Home Biden Sold for $1.2M Only Worth $1.65M Three Decades Later


It’s always been amazing how everyone just seems to want to give stuff to Hunter Biden for nothing.

From an $80,000 3.16-carat diamond given by a Chinese national, as reported by the New York Post, to up to $250,000 for one of his paintings, despite the fact that he is untrained and has no experience, the younger Biden seems to be the recipient of any number of valuable things.

But apparently, President Joe Biden has the same Midas touch when it comes to making financial deals.

A new report by the U.K. Daily Mail revealed that Biden sold his 10,000 square-foot Greenville, Delaware, mansion in 1996 for $1.2 million — more than six times what he paid for it over 20 years earlier.

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The buyer was a top executive from credit card company MBNA, which was headquartered in Delaware and was a large campaign donor to Biden’s Senate campaign.

In the same year, MBNA hired — no prizes for guessing — Hunter Biden right out of law school. Hunter Biden went on to become senior vice president at the company.


While Biden and MBNA insisted the sale price was fair at the time, the current estimated value of the home is only around $1.65 million. Given the trajectory of Delaware home prices over more than 25 years, the property should be worth upwards of $3 million today if the original sale price was accurate.

At the same time, then-Senator Biden backed bankruptcy legislation in Congress that would benefit credit card companies like MBNA, even though it was opposed by most Senate Democrats, including Barack Obama.

Completely unrelated I’m sure.

The unusually high price for the sale of his house was brought up by a pollster during Biden’s Senate re-election. However, Biden and MBNA denied that the price had been too high, stating that the house had been bought in a distressed state and that they had made renovations to it over the years.

But a Delaware Online article from 2020 shows that this was not the only time Biden had great luck when it came to property.

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According to the article, Biden used the substantial profit from the sale of his house to pay cash for a $350,000 vacant lot from a prominent local real estate developer Keith Stoltz. Surprisingly Stoltz had purchased the same property for the same price five years earlier and did not make any profit on the deal.

Stoltz and his family have been longtime supporters of Biden, contributing tens of thousands to his campaigns over the years. Property records show Stoltz himself donated to Biden’s campaign in the same month the land sale went through, according to Delaware Online.

Both the Biden camp and Stoltz claim the deal provided no special favors to the then-senator.

But of course, we’re sure all of this is entirely above board, just like all the other “lucky” financial dealings of the Biden family.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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