Prominent Liberal Admits Defeat: 'Trump Is Going to Win. Buckle Up'


Even outspoken leftists are now forecasting a Democratic defeat in the November presidential election.

Co-creator of “The Young Turks” Cenk Uygur offered a rather blunt statement Thursday concerning President Joe Biden’s re-election chances against the presumptive GOP nominee, former President Donald Trump.

That is, Uygur doesn’t think Biden has a chance.

“Trump is going to win,” he declared in a post on X. “Buckle Up. Brace for impact.”

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It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Anyone who follows politics knows Uygur is the furthest possible thing from a Trump supporter. We shouldn’t misinterpret his brief but telling claim.

However, it’s clear Biden isn’t his favorite Democrat.

Uygur endorsed left-wing Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the 2020 primary race.

Are Joe Biden’s re-election chances dropping by the day?

In an appearance on The Hill’s “Rising,” he said, “Don’t get me wrong, if it’s Biden versus Trump in the general election, that’s the biggest no-brainer of my life. I will definitely vote for Biden, and anyone who doesn’t I think is mental.”

He admitted, though, that his decision was “not because Biden is great” but because Trump was “an absolute disaster.”

While these remarks frame Uygur as a reluctant Democratic voter that year, his public comments during Biden’s presidency show he has defended the president against his critics.

In a 2021 segment of “The Young Turks,” he excoriated MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle for her criticism of Biden’s infrastructure bill.

Ruhle had told her panel, “I am going to laugh at this idea that the infrastructure bill is going to help with inflation, all that’s going to do is create more jobs. We don’t have enough people to fill our current jobs, and this argument, ‘They’re going to be jobs at higher wages,’ higher wages are one of the contributing factors to inflation.”

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Uygur called MSNBC a “theoretical left-wing channel in Washington” and attacked Ruhle.

“So she is saying the problem with Biden agenda is it’s going to create too many jobs. All it’s going to do is create more jobs,” the left-wing host said.

He went further in a sarcastic manner, saying, “We don’t want to create more jobs. No. But if we create more jobs, what does that do? It drives wages up, which actually affects your life in an incredibly positive way. But then the second half of her statement is, ‘Oh my God, the masses now have money to spend! They’re actually beginning to get a livable wage.'”

So there’s little doubt Uygur would prefer to see four more years of Biden than another Trump term.

But he is not optimistic.

That is understandable, given that recent polls showed Trump with leads in five key battleground states.

All things considered, sirens should be going off for the Democrats.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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