Nancy Pelosi Has Her Big Moment Interrupted by Screaming Protester: 'Welcome to San Francisco'


After years of Democrats encouraging Black Lives Matter and antifa terrorists — among others — to harass and harm public servants and regular Americans alike, it is refreshing to see that rhetoric come back around.

At a sold-out dinner hosted by the Harvard Club of San Francisco for its 150th anniversary on Monday, Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi was being honored for her “37-year career of outstanding servant leadership,” according to the event page.

Fox News reported that as Pelosi spoke at the podium in acceptance of her award for “distinguished citizen of the year,” an alumna stood up and interrupted her with shouts about the “ongoing genocide in Palestine” before addressing her fellow alumni. “Shame on everybody here!”

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As event staff hastily escorted the woman out of the building, she continued waving her finger at Pelosi while yelling, “Shame on you! How dare you do this when our own students are getting attacked by our administration!”

Pelosi could be heard making an unenthused response, saying, “We respect your right to have your say,” before trying to lighten the mood by declaring, “Welcome to San Francisco! ” to the crowd, which chuckled and applauded.

Pelosi represents California’s 11th Congressional District, which is entirely in San Francisco.

To shed some context on the altercation, this alumna’s outburst comes in the wake of Hamas’ attack on Israel on Oct. 7. Since the initial attack and Israel’s retaliation, widespread protests and encampments have spread across college campuses, Harvard included.

The woman’s anger over students “getting attacked by our administration” evidently relates to Harvard’s dealing with said protests and encampments.

While this woman’s behavior was over the top, this is the behavior that Pelosi and Democrats deserve to see when they make public appearances.

Who could forget 2018, when Pelosi’s fellow Democrat and fellow Californian Rep. Maxine Waters told her supporters to harass the Trump administration if they saw them out in public?

Democrats spent over four years screaming and crying while agitating crowds into a whirlwind of anger in terroristic behavior over seemingly everything former President Donald Trump did.

The nadir of this behavior arguably came after the 2020 death of George Floyd, when Black Lives Matter and antifa terrorists took to the streets as Democrat officials looked on with giddiness, smiling from ear to ear.

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Pelosi finds herself in 2024 with an incredibly awkward situation on her hands. She has championed agitation. She has sided with the lunatics.

However, she has now learned, to her shock and surprise, that the mob doesn’t differentiate.

She is a public official and won’t be spared their harassment.

Yet how could she say these people can’t continue now? Wasn’t all of this well and good when it was directed against conservatives?

Democrats supported the violence, destruction and outright criminal behavior of the mob.

They made their bed, now they can lie in it.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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