Katie Couric Says Biden Is in Trouble, Admits Trump Has Surprised Her


Former “Today” show host and “CBS Evening News” anchor Katie Couric recently joined Elex Michaelson in an interview for “The Issue Is” on KTTV. Much of the conversation centered around the 2024 presidential election.

Couric admitted, honestly, that former President Donald Trump holds a lead over President Joe Biden. It wasn’t an answer easily given, considering she is a known Democrat. Couric was invited to the show to primarily discuss a documentary she produced. Michaelson, however, wouldn’t have been doing his job if he hadn’t asked her the obvious question.

“But let’s start with the news of the week, and since we talk politics here so much,” he began, “who’s winning the presidential race right now? Is it Trump? Is it Biden? What do you … how do you see the state of the race right now?”

Couric turned the question back on Michaelson, chuckling while she responded that she actually wanted to know what he thought about it first. She’d then went on to answer: “From where I sit, um, it seems that Donald Trump has the edge right now, despite all of his legal woes and the fact that he, you know, is on trial and Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen, uh, he seems to be surprisingly gaining momentum, not losing it.”

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Katie Couric probably didn’t want to have to admit this, but she’d be hard pressed not to, especially as Michaelson used Biden’s agreement to debate Trump as a sign that Couric’s view of the situation is correct. Michaelson said, “I think that the debates coming in June is an acknowledgement that Joe Biden and his campaign know that they’re losing, that there is this feeling that they need to shake-up the race, and they need to do it now.”

Both agreed that the interviews Biden has done up to this point have been limited and safe, with hosts confined to softball questions. Couric explained that that type of interview, if not mixed up with more policy-based, hard-hitting, topical issues, will hurt Biden even more. She admitted that she had been requesting her own interview. “The less you talk, the higher the stakes are when you do,” Couric said in regard to Biden’s dodging those in the media known for their toughness.

Many wonder if Biden agreeing to debate Trump is all a show. This includes podcaster David J. Harris Jr., who recently shared on Instagram a stunning post by CBS News, that, could lead to an unprecedented turn of events across this nation. “BREAKING: The U.S. Secret Service has met with New York jail officials to discuss preparations for former President Donald Trump being taken into custody and placed behind bars, according to CBS News this still developing.”


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One user responded to the post, “Why do you think Biden agreed to the debate?? He knew it would never happen.”


CBS News spoke to a person it described only as a “New York corrections source,” who indicated conversations were being held in the event Trump is placed behind bars — most likely at Rikers Island Jail Complex.

“[Prison is] a possibility that officials in state and federal agencies have begun preparing for, according to a New York corrections source, who said the Secret Service has met with local jail officials. As a former president, Trump is entitled to Secret Service protection for the rest of his life, wherever he happens to be. Behind bars, corrections officers would in turn be responsible for protecting those agents assigned to Trump,” the outlet noted.

But there are plenty of Trump supporters that believe there is nothing standard or out of the realm of possibility when it comes to the handling of Trump by the Biden administration, the Democrats, and their many unjust tentacles. This includes Brigitte Gabriel, founder and chairman of ACT for America.

Gabriel responded to the news, “Are you kidding me?! The Secret Service met with NYC jail officials regarding the possibility of President Trump being convicted. We live in a banana republic!”

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We are definitely living in unusual times, ones which could land Trump in the White House and in a jail cell all simultaneously. Whether one, both, or neither of those things happen remains to be seen, but we can’t take anything for granted.

Currently what we can count on is two upcoming presidential debates: one in June and the other in September. The latest poll shared by FiveThirtyEight has Trump leading in the national polls by 1.2 percent.

As Couric clearly expressed in her interview, the stakes are high. The outcome of this election will determine whether we continue on as one nation under God or a nation at all.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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