Kari Lake Mocks Cheney's Desperate Attack Ad After Fundraising Skyrockets by '100s of Thousands'


Say whatever you want about Kari Lake, but it is inarguable that she has been running her Arizona gubernatorial campaign flawlessly.

Going from a political outsider to an 11-point favorite in a recent poll? You don’t do that without running circles around your competition. It does help when your “competition” is Katie Hobbs.

But it’s not just Hobbs whom Lake has been having to contend with.

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No, Lake has also had to wage war against people who are ostensibly on the Republican team. That is, if you can even consider Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney a Republican.

Take a gander at the attack ad that Cheney has been running against Lake on Arizona airwaves:

It’s worth pointing out that Cheney reportedly spent $500,000 to air those ads. That’s… quite a bit of money to tear down a fellow Republican. (And it needs to be asked: What does a Wyoming congresswoman have to do with what happens in Arizona?)


While Lake could’ve easily taken offense at Cheney’s relentless attacks on her, instead, as she has done repeatedly throughout her campaign, Lake has turned a potential negative into a resounding positive.

Just look at the way she casually dismantled Cheney and her antics on the Sunday edition of “Fox and Friends Weekend”:

“My goodness,” Lake said as she began to discuss Cheney. “I’m telling you, she is going to be our best fundraiser yet. We have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars since her ad started and since we put that letter out.”

The letter Lake was referring to was a savagely deadpan “thank you” to Cheney in which she noted that “the Cheney anti-endorsement [is] the gift that keeps on giving” before telling the embattled Wyoming rep to “enjoy your forced retirement.” You can see it in its entirety below:

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“She’s hated by both sides right now,” Lake continued on Fox. “We’re actually bringing Democrats over to our movement. They don’t like Liz Cheney either.

“And for her to think that she can come into Arizona and try to influence this election — it’s comical,” Lake added. “It’s sad and a little bit scary.”

Many attribute Lake’s skyrocketing success to her Trump-like sharp tongue when it comes to dealing with her opponents. And the parting shot she gave Cheney will likely sting during trick-or-treating on Monday.

“I think the scariest costume you could put on for Halloween would be Liz Cheney,” Lake said. “You’ll get no candy at anyone’s door.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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