Kamala Harris Campaign Alumni Are Pushing Her for 'Immediate Ceasefire,' Accusing Israel of 'Genocide': Report


“It’s good to be a Democrat,” says a national talk show host when all kinds of hypocrisy and corruption of that party are ignored.

But here’s a revision to radio talker Chris Plante’s frequent saying – It’s good to be a Democrat. Except when it’s not.

That’s the experience of elected officials like Vice President Kamala Harris when a faction of Democratic supporters push them in a direction they may not want to go.

According to Politico, aides who worked in the Harris campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination are drumming up support for a letter urging Harris to push for “an immediate ceasefire” in the Middle East and making accusations of Israeli “genocide” against occupants of Gaza.

Follow that line and Democrats can find themselves on the side of Hamas, violence, and growing threats against Jews, including in this country.

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Harris was on a weeks-long tour of colleges touting the alleged accomplishments of the Biden administration to young people when the Palestinian group Hamas launched a massive attack on Israeli civilians on Oct. 7, Politico reported.

That put her in the awkward position of perhaps having to face the anti-Israel (and anti-Jewish) demonstrations spreading across U.S. campuses.

When Harris was at Northern Arizona University on Oct. 17, according to the Arizona Republic, some students challenged her regarding claims of civilian casualties in Gaza.

And Politico reported obtaining a draft letter by former Harris campaign aides calling for her to support a ceasefire resolution authored by Missouri Democratic Rep. Cori Bush.


Former Harris campaign workers are collecting signatures for the draft letter and while the vice president’s office hasn’t commented, two previous campaign supporters described the ceasefire signature-gathering as harmful to Harris, according to Politico.

“We must mourn the tragic loss of Israeli life targeted by Hamas,” the draft letter stated, according to Politico. “However, we must firmly and unequivocally reject the Israeli government’s exploitation of these deaths to stage a retaliatory and genocidal campaign against civilians.”

The letter shows the divide Democratic leadership must bridge among establishment elected officials and a major Democratic constituency: Supporters of the Palestinian cause.

When challenged at Northern Arizona University, Harris told the audience that both Israelis and Palestinians “deserve peace, deserve self-determination and deserve safety,” and she said there was a need to differentiate between Hamas and Palestinian civilians, according to KNAU-FM, an Arizona Public Radio station.

But students made a strong emotional pushback, KNAU reported.

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“Stop talking. Do something,” a member of the audience shouted.

It didn’t help that Harris appeared at KNAU the same day a Hamas rocket hit a Gaza City hospital, an event falsely blamed on Israel.

Harris is reflecting the Biden administration’s appeal-to-both-sides attempt to address the current Middle Eastern conflict, a tack that has angered leftists who support the Palestinians.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat, is receiving similar flak from her former campaign workers, according to Politico.

There long has been tension among Democrats, given the party’s general anti-Israel bias.

Despite his reputation as a Middle East peace broker, in 2007 a book by former President Jimmy Carter blaming Israel for Middle East turmoil prompted 14 Jewish members of the Carter Center board of counselors to resign, The Jerusalem Post reported at the time.

Further, as COVID, election integrity, and censorship have over the last three years placed in full relief the evil intentions of some in power, the snarling specter of anti-Semitism smoldering among some in the Democratic Party is increasingly coming to the surface.

As a result, it’s good to be a Democrat. Except when it’s not.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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