GA Senate Subcommittee Votes To Employ Latest Digital Technology To Find Counterfeit Ballots


The Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections voted unanimously on Wednesday to audit Fulton County’s absentee ballots to check for abnormalities.

The vote came after digital scanning technology expert Jovan Pulitzer testified that his forensics team would be able to tell if ballots were fraudulent, using technology similar to that which is used by vending machines to identify counterfeit currency.

“We would be able to tell if [the ballots] were folded, if they were counterfeit, whether they were filled out by human hand, whether they were printed by a machine, whether they were batch fed continually over and over. We can detect every bit of that,” Pulitzer said in the subcommittee meeting.

The expert — who told the subcommittee that technology he invented and patented is now used in most smartphones worldwide to scan QR codes — further stated his team will be able to detect if the ballots were officially printed by the government or mass-produced on other machines.

Finally, a possible way to prove if reports of massive ballot dumps in the early morning hours in key swing states did, in fact, occur.

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Veteran poll worker Susan Voyles said in a sworn affidavit that she witnessed many “pristine ballots” being counted in Fulton County, Georgia. The poll worker explained that one particular box she came across contained hundreds of ballots that had no folds and appeared to be filled in by a machine.

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin, who is a member of the Trump campaign legal team in Georgia, tweeted last month, “9 observers in GA have signed affidavits swearing they saw suspicious mail-in ballots cast for Biden that were in pristine condition and had no creases on them.

“This means the ballots had not been mailed in envelopes as required, according to their affidavits.”

While speaking before the Georgia elections subcommittee on Wednesday, Trump campaign attorney Rudy Giuliani also pointed to the potential fraud seen in a leaked video of ballot processing at the State Farm Arena in Fulton County — in which observers were allegedly told counting was completed for the night.

But counting allegedly resumed soon thereafter in the early morning hours following Election Day.

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State investigators looked into the matter and claimed that what occurred was normal ballot processing, Georgia Public Broadcasting reported.

However, Giuliani questioned the authenticity of those ballots during the subcommittee meeting and noted that the video showed the election workers running ballots through the machine multiple times in some cases.

“If you can watch that and not realize that this was a major situation of voter fraud, then you’re a fool or a liar,” he told the state senators. “It’s quite obvious that they are counting ballots illegally.”

Additionally, Pulitzer highlighted in the meeting the abnormally high number of adjudicated ballots in Fulton County — over 100,000 of the approximately 525,000 cast.

The Dominion Voting Systems software, which is used in Georgia, classifies ballots in two categories: “normal” and “adjudicated.”

Adjudicated ballots are those that cannot be processed by the machine and are then examined and decided by election officials.

“You know what that’s really saying? ‘Your machine didn’t work,'” Pulitzer said.

“When the national average for the last elections, 2016, was 1.2 percent — that’s an audited number — 1.2 percent of the total had to be adjudicated.”

Those who printed the original ballots “screwed up” — likely knowingly, Pulitzer contended.

“Stop The Steal” national coordinator Mike Coudrey shared a video earlier this month of Fulton County Elections Director Richard Barron saying that at that point in the counting — apparently on or near Election Day — his team had adjudicated over 106,000 ballots.

Biden apparently did significantly better in Fulton County this year than failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did in 2016, outpacing her by approximately 84,000 votes: 381,000 votes to Clinton’s 297,000.

Biden currently leads President Donald Trump by 12,670 votes in the entire state of Georgia.


At the conclusion of the subcommittee’s meeting, the members voted to request that the Fulton County elections board make all county absentee ballots for the Nov. 3 election available for a forensic review by the Cheeley Law Group — a Georgia legal firm — and Pulitzer’s team.

This same process should be used to audit votes in Wayne County, Michigan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and any place witnesses have testified to seeing potentially fraudulent conduct used to run up Biden’s 81-million-vote, no-coattails-reported, win.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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