Elon Musk Offers Prediction on Trump's Polling Numbers


Tesla boss and X owner Elon Musk had some sagacious predictions about what all these lawfare attacks on Donald Trump will mean for the 2024 election, and it isn’t going to be good for Joe Biden.

Musk saw an X post by Foundation for Freedom Online executive director Mike Benz, who was outraged at all these lawsuits launched against Trump by the left even as Joe Biden drives the country into ruin.

“The judge is so financially conflicted he wouldn’t even be allowed on the jury. The star witness is a multi-crime convicted felon who in most states wouldn’t even be allowed to vote,” Benz wrote.

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In the latter segment of his post, Benz is, of course, talking about the testimony of convicted felon Michael Cohen.

But he is also talking about the revelations that Judge Juan Merchan donated to Joe Biden’s election campaign in 2020, according to the New York Post.

Federal Election Commission records show that Merchan donated money to Biden’s campaign, as well as to the far-left Democrat organization ActBlue.

His donations were small, granted, but the fact that he did so shows where his ideals lie.

Has the left overplayed its hand in prosecuting Donald Trump?

That isn’t the only problem with Merchan’s history, though. The judge’s daughter has clients that have raised $93 million off the trial over which her father is presiding, the Post reported in a separate report.

Trump spokesman Steven Cheung blasted the judge and his daughter, saying, “Authentic Campaigns, and thus the judge’s daughter, is actively making money from this sham attack against President Trump, rendering Judge Merchan conflicted out.”

“The judge should do the right thing and immediately recuse himself in order to show the American people that the Democrats have not destroyed our justice system completely,” Cheung added. “Him continuing to be involved in this Crooked Joe Biden-directed Witch Hunt is a complete violation of applicable rules, regulations and ethics.”

With all this in the news, Elon Musk replied to Benz’s post with a logical reply to all this where it concerns the polls.

“The more unfair the attacks on Trump seem to the public, the higher he will rise in the polls,” Musk wrote.

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Indeed, Musk has a point. Donald Trump’s poll numbers have been doing nothing but rising all year. And with every new move in the courts, his numbers go up.

On Monday, for instance, The New York Times pointed out that Donald Trump has “upended the Electoral map.”

The Times was reporting on the fact that polls are showing that five of six battleground states are currently running in favor of Trump over Biden.

The so-called “paper of record” is not the only media giant mentioning Trump’s favorable polls. CNN also noted that the polls are an “absolute disaster” for Joe Biden.

It is hard to fault Elon Musk for his logic. Every move the Democrats have made is making Donald Trump more popular, and not just with his base. He is gaining popularity among independents, too. So far, at least, Trump is still rising in the polls. And it doesn’t seem that the Democrats can do a thing about it.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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