Doctor of Death: Woman Provides Abortions, Assisted Suicides - And Says 'I Love My Job'


While the practice of medicine is meant to be centered around saving lives as practitioners have to take the Hippocratic oath, somehow downright vile practices have made their way into medicine.

The absolute worst part is the enjoyment these doctors of death are getting from their job.

Dr. Ellen Wiebe has an extensive tenure in the medical field, jumping into many different roles and positions throughout her career.

However, her most recent position is by far the most evil job she’s worked, yet she said it’s “the very best work [she’s] ever done.”

“I love my job,” she gushed.

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In a recent interview for a BBC documentary, Dr. Wiebe spoke about medical assistance in dying where she talked enthusiastically about her job of killing people.

She shared that she’s been involved in “over 400” deaths during her time practicing MAiD, though the actual number is far higher as she runs a contraception and abortion clinic.


Dr. Weibe is even willing to bend the rules to be able to kill someone, yet she somehow manages to escape any punishment.

The practitioner assisted an elderly man, Barry Hyman, in receiving MAiD despite a formal request being denied, according to the Vancouver Sun.

Hyman had lung cancer, and after-effects from a stroke led to him insisting on a medicine-induced death, CBC reported.

The act was utterly vile, but in July 2019, after a review from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C., the doctor of death was cleared of any wrongdoing for going ahead with the MAiD treatment.

“Having determined that you had not breached college standards by performing MAiD on a resident of Louis Brier, the committee was not critical of your provision of MAiD to Mr. Hyman,” the letter to Dr. Wiebe said.

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According to Wiebe, the decision was no surprise as she firmly believed that it was “the right thing to do.”

“It was a decision I was expecting because I trust the college,” she said in reply to the decision at the time.

Even the family of the patient applauded the doctor, with Hyman’s daughter, Lola Hyman, singing praises for the woman who killed her father.

“The college’s decision reflects Dr. Wiebe’s professionalism and her commitment to putting the patient at the center of their own care,” Lola Hyman said.

“Because of her, my father realized his deeply-held wish to end his life in peace without having to leave his home. For this, I will always be grateful.”

It’s truly despicable that a doctor, someone who is meant to help and save people, has made a career out of killing babies, the disabled and the elderly.

Some of the most vulnerable people in our society find themselves in the crosshairs of such an inexcusable set of practices.

But Dr. Wiebe won’t see punishment for the likely hundreds of lives she’s taken — nor will any other abortionist or MAiD provider.

Instead, the killings will continue to conform to the worldview of liberals where nothing is sacred and it’s ok to turn these doctors into gods.

Only one being should have any say over when our time on Earth ends, and that is the Lord, not these power-hungry “doctors” who profit off the loss of life.

This needs to be ended now before more lives are needlessly lost.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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