Desperate Father Begs Leftist City to Keep Son, Who Almost Killed People, Locked Up - They're Refusing


Santiago, the father of a 14-year-old boy who was charged with 19 different crimes after leading police on a 100 mph chase that almost claimed the lives of the two officers chasing him, is pleading with authorities — not to release his son, but to keep him behind bars.

“He’s not going to be alive, that’s what I’m afraid of,” the Baltimore father told WBFF.

This isn’t his son’s first run in with authorities. The father claims his son and his friends have been arrested numerous times for carjackings and theft, participating in a crime spree that ranges from Baltimore to Washington D.C.

“He started breaking into cars to steal cigarettes and chains, then you’re stealing cars and running from the police,” the father added.

“It’s progressively getting worse.”

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“They was flying down Route 4 going 100 miles an hour in and out of traffic,” Santiago explained of his son’s most recent run-in with law enforcement, the New York Post reported.

During this high-speed chase, Santiago said his teen almost killed the two police officers who were pursuing him.

Despite the teen’s increasingly more destructive and criminal behavior, authorities decided that all but one of his most recent 19 charges would be dropped. The remaining charge only carries probation.

When he tried to plead his case to the Prince Frederick County and Calvert County authorities, they instead threatened him with jail time.


“I got the call from Prince Frederick County and Calvert County, telling me that they had him in custody, and they told me what had happened and stuff, and I said, ‘You know what, let him stay there in custody.’ And they told me, ‘You got six hours to get here and get him, or we will be coming to get you for neglect and abandonment issues.’”

The father ultimately told reporters that he only wanted what’s best for his son.

“I want my son to get some help. I mean, if it’s jail, that what’s it’s gonna take, then jail. What my son needs, he needs some mental help,” Santiago said.

For Baltimore, the city has been run by a Democratic mayor since Theodore McKeldin, a Republican, left the office in 1967. It’s become clear that in that time, policies targeting law abiding gun owners and reduced police funding haven’t made anyone any safer.

While nonviolent and property crimes have been falling in Baltimore, violent crime is on the rise. In 2018, rates had risen by as much as 37 percent, according to Saller Law.

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More troubling still, only 33 percent of juveniles are charged as adults, receiving an average detention time of four to six months. Even when charged as adults less than 25 percent serve jail time or out-of-home confinement.

The lax punishments for serious offenses have clearly emboldened, not rehabilitated, young criminals.

For Santiago, all he can do for his son — it seems — is pray he finds the help he needs before it’s too late.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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