Democratic Mayor Cuts Over $10 Million from Police and Fire Budgets to Fund Immigrant Aid


Attention, American citizens: Members of the ruling establishment, led by Democrats, care nothing for you. They neither respect your rights, nor acknowledge your sovereignty. In fact, they regard you as largely disposable. And this applies even — perhaps especially — to those of you who, living in urban areas, have hitherto found yourselves on the receiving end of Democratic Party pandering.

If you did not learn this when they put masks on your kids, or when they threatened your livelihood while mandating an experimental medical treatment, or when they sent tens of billions of your tax dollars to Ukraine, then perhaps their eradication of your national borders and the transfer of their beneficence to the millions of people who entered your country illegally will finally get your attention.

According to KUSA, Democratic Mayor Mike Johnston of Denver, Colorado, announced on Wednesday that the Mile High City will fund nearly $90 million in services for illegal immigrants via budget cuts — pending required approval by City Council in many cases — that will affect every city agency, including an estimated $10.9 million in cuts to the police and fire department.

Indeed, Democrats who have long dreamed of defunding the police will see their dreams partly fulfilled.

Of the $45.9 million in total cuts, $8.4 million will come from the Denver Police Department. That number amounts to nearly two percent of the department’s entire annual budget.

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Meanwhile, another $2.5 million in cuts — nearly one percent of its annual budget — will come from the Denver Fire Department.

A hiring freeze on vacant positions citywide will account for nearly $20 million in total savings.

KUSA also reported that the “highest percentage of budget reduction” — 9.6 percent — will come from Johnston’s mayor’s office. But that deceptive-sounding total amounts to only $335,155, which makes the politicians’ sacrifice less impressive relative to police and firefighters.

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It gets worse.

The city still must account for another nearly $45 million in savings because officials plan to spend a total of $89.9 million on services for illegal immigrants.

One such service will be something called the “Denver Asylum Seeker Program.” That new initiative will assist the city’s asylum-seeking illegal immigrants with housing and job training.

Americans, of course, have always welcomed genuine refugees from tyranny.

“Shall oppressed humanity find no asylum on this globe?” President Thomas Jefferson famously remarked in his 1801 First Annual Message while asking Congress for more liberal naturalization laws.

Democrats, however, have abused the concept of asylum in order to justify President Joe Biden’s open border.

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Indeed, to satisfy their base of affluent, virtue-signaling liberals, Democratic officials have spent years piously proclaiming their “sanctuary city” statuses.

Their behavior, however, suggests that they do not always believe their own rhetoric.

In Denver, city officials have quietly acknowledged the illegal-immigrant crisis. Last month, for instance, Denver Human Services reached out to city landlords for help with housing illegal immigrants.

Furthermore, the crisis has pitted sanctuary cities against one another.

Also last month, Denver’s Newcomer Communications Liaison Andres Carrera, who doubles as one of Johnston’s political directors, begged a group of Spanish-speaking illegal immigrants to move to a different city.

Carrera specifically mentioned New York City and Chicago, fellow sanctuary cities that have their own gargantuan problems with illegal immigration.

Thus, while officials in sanctuary cities play hot potato with the crisis they created, American citizens pay the price.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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