Country Music Star Luke Bryan Responds to Leftist Meltdown After He Invites Ron DeSantis Onstage


It should go without saying that some things are bigger than politics.

For instance: Americans should all be able to agree that Hurricane Ian was a devastating tragedy and whatever aid can be provided to the victims should be administered.

Alas, turns out leftists would rather those victims suffer further if aid is in any way tied to Florida’s firebrand governor, Ron DeSantis.

Just look at the way they reacted when DeSantis thanked country star Luke Bryan for inviting him onstage during his concert in Jacksonville on Friday:

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It’s “disgusting” and disappointing of Bryan to bring DeSantis onstage to raise awareness for victims of Hurricane Ian? What?

Bryan, clearly fed up with the nonsensical criticisms being hurled in his direction, issued a statement on Twitter.

“I typically don’t respond to stuff when I’m getting run down on a social platform but here’s the deal,” Bryan wrote. “I understand Governor Desantis is a very polarizing figure.”

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That’s fair, insofar as virtually any politician could be considered “polarizing” in 2022.

“But I grew up in a country where if a governor [asks] you if they can come and raise awareness to help victims of a natural disaster you help,” Bryan continued. “I’ve generally stayed out of politics throughout my career.”

To that end, Bryan is correct. You’re much more likely to hear about Bryan raising his late sister’s children or literally giving his shoes to someone who needs them as opposed to anything political.

“I knew people would chatter about this but for me the important piece was If I am going to come back there a few weeks after a large portion of people have been affected by a natural disaster in a state where people have been good to me this felt right.”

Bryan ended his statement by essentially telling his critics to go outside and touch grass, which is sound advice if you have enough time to complain about raising awareness for hurricane victims.


“This is all I am saying about this. I’ll be outdoors with my boys. Enjoy your Sunday,” Bryan wrote. “Text: disaster to 20222 to support.”

Bryan’s response probably wasn’t necessary. While there will always be a very vocal portion on social media who will complain about anything under the sun, the reaction of the crowd in attendance spoke literal and figurative volumes:

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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