Broad-Daylight Robbery Attempt in San Francisco Foiled by Quick-Thinking Victim


A victim decided to fight back against a robber in San Fransisco, and the nail-biting incident was captured on video.

The smash-and-grab Wednesday took place near Golden Gate Park when a man in a blue hoodie smashed the window of a parked SUV and attempted to run off with a suitcase and a backpack.

The victim, Jason Andaya, and his wife Natalie were visiting San Francisco with their young child when the incident occurred, according to KNTV-TV.

Just before the family began their drive back to Seattle, they stopped in Golden Gate Park, leaving their luggage in the car. Shortly after stopping, Andaya witnessed the suspect taking their belongings from the vehicle.

Andaya chased the suspect across the road and was able to get his backpack and suitcase back before the suspect departed in his getaway car.

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The couple said they called the police, but did not have time to stay to file a police report. They plan to do so in the future.

The area around Golden Gate Park is typically a hotbed for car break-ins, though the lack of tourists visiting as a result of the pandemic has resulted in a sharp downturn in such crimes.

Even so, theft-related crime is up in the city of San Fransisco overall, with a 57 percent increase citywide from 2020, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Forrest Lanning, a San Francisco resident, recorded the incident, and noted that this was the second time he has seen something like this, according to KPIX-TV.

“I saw this guy at the car and I thought he was just trying to like open it, but then I saw him break the window and then I’m like, he’s doing one of those smash-and-grabs,” Lanning said.

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“And then he was going to run across the street and what I didn’t expect is the owner of that car, chased after him.”

The Andaya family said they won’t be leaving any more luggage in their car when traveling to tourist destinations.


“We do want people to be aware that it’s not smart to leave your luggage if you’re going to go to a tourist attraction,” Natalie Andaya said to KNTV. “Lesson learned on that one.”

If the statistics are any indication, San Fransisco seems to have lost some of its grip on law and order, causing innocent people to fall victim to crimes.

Though Jason Andaya was successful in stopping the theft of his belongings, experts recommend that victims should not chase a robber, as it may create a violent encounter.

In the event of a car robbery, people should not leave the scene but instead document the damage and report it to the authorities.

This stunning situation from San Francisco is a reminder to stay vigilant, especially at vulnerable tourist attractions.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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