Biden Hits New Low in Poll While Congressional Dems Get Their Own Harbinger of a Midterm Bloodbath


Not even Democrats will deny that President Joe Biden’s time in office has already been marked by a series of disasters at home and abroad, but there may be even worse things to come.

From the Afghanistan chaos to a stumbling economy to the current crisis in Ukraine the American president helped invite, Biden’s tenure has been worse than even most critics might have expected.

And if the latest poll results are any indication, it’s going downhill from here.

Published Sunday by The Washington Post (a publication as coddling for Biden as it was combative to his predecessor) the poll showed the president getting hammered on pretty much every issue facing his administration.

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Besides an overall, pathetic approval rating of 37 percent, according to the poll, Biden is underwater on his handling of the coronavirus pandemic (50 percent disapprove, 44 percent approve), on the economy (75 percent deem it negative), on the Ukraine crisis (47 percent disapprove, 33 percent approve), and so forth.

So far, so Biden in other words. A man installed into office based on manufactured loathing for former President Donald Trump among the mainstream media, Big Tech giants, the cultural elites and the professionally aggrieved — and after an unprecedented election like the one in 2020 — was never going to be blessed with widespread popularity.

A man of Biden’s vindictive personality, at the head of a party marked by increasing malevolence toward the values of ordinary Americans, is likely to be despised by a good part of his people at any given moment.

But Biden’s performance is so dismal it could well be laying the groundwork for a midterm election of historic proportions for Democrats — and not the kind of historic Democrats want to see.

The percentage of poll respondents who want to see Congress controlled by Republicans is 50 percent, as opposed to 40 percent who want Congress controlled by Democrats.

According to ABC’s Jonathan Karl, that’s the highest point for the GOP in more than a decade.

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“If you look at our latest poll out today, the percentage of voters saying that they will vote for Republicans in the midterm elections is at the highest level that we have seen since 2010,” Karl said on Sunday’s “This Week.”

“And you know what happened in 2010. 2010 is when Republicans won 63 seats and swept in control of the House in the tea party wave.

“So, Biden needs to change the trajectory, he needs to acknowledge the challenges and present some kind of a vision that shows he has a plausible plan for dealing with the challenges facing the country.”


Right. The problem for Biden, his political party and the mainstream media is that Biden has no such change in trajectory, no such plausible plan. And as long as the Democratic Party remains in thrall to its leftist base, no such plan will be in the offing — ever.

In a nutshell, Biden’s disapproval ratings are a direct result of his decisions — sacrificing energy independence the country achieved under former President Donald Trump in order to placate the Green New Deal lunatics; overturning the border security Trump’s policies had achieved – and were on the way to improving; disgracing himself and his country with the Afghanistan withdrawal that had been negotiated by Trump to remain under control.

Back in 2010, then-President Barack Obama called it a “shellacking” when his party lost control of the House of Representatives in the kind of rout the country hadn’t seen since 1946 when Democrats lost 55 seats, according to CNS News Service.

And while Democrats retained control of the Senate, the party lost six governor’s seats and more than 700 state legislative seats across the country, according to Roll Call.

It was, in short, a political bloodbath.

And that was with Barack Obama in the White House — the nation’s first black president, the man who was essentially worshiped by the mainstream media and the cultural ruling class.

In 2022, the Democrats have Joe Biden, a president who receives similarly beneficial treatment at the hands of the mainstream media — Obama never needed help covering up for a drug-addled, crooked son, after all — but who can’t approach Obama as a cultural figure.

For all that he was, and is, dangerously leftist and lawless, Obama is a forceful figure who can command attention.

At this point in his long and dishonorable career, Biden is a shadow of himself in his prime — and his prime wasn’t so great in the first place.

No honest person — regardless of political sympathies – can deny Biden’s time in office has been a disaster so far, and his steadily declining poll numbers since January 2021 are just going further into the ditch.

If Sunday’s poll results are any indication, for Biden & Co., when the dust settles after the Nov. 8 election, these are going to look like the good, old days.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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