Biden Ending Traditional Light Bulbs - 2 New Biden Rules Means They're Effectively Gone


As Americans struggle with rocketing gas prices, terrifying crime waves and historic inflation, the Biden administration has declared war on light bulbs in the name of fighting climate change.

This is yet another indication that President Joe Biden’s warped priorities are totally out of sync with the pressing issues that affect everyday Americans.

On Tuesday, the Department of Energy announced that it adopted two new rules that would impose stricter energy-efficiency standards for light bulbs in a move to advance “Biden’s climate goals.”

According to The New York Times, these new rules will effectively phase out traditional, incandescent light bulbs in favor of LED light bulbs, which cost more than regular bulbs.

“The first rule establishes a revised definition of general service lamps, while the second implements the minimum standard of 45 lumens per watt for light bulbs that meet the revised definition,” the DOE said.

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If properly implemented, the DOE claims that switching to LED bulbs could save families “$100 every year.”

Naturally, the agency did not explain that you could potentially spend more than an extra $100 by purchasing expensive LED bulbs instead of cheaper, traditional bulbs.


According to the Times, the DOE claims the new regulations are projected to reduce carbon emissions by 222 million metric tons over the next 30 years (when many adults who are alive today will be dead).

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm gushed about the latest Big Government regulation promoted by her embattled boss.

“By raising energy efficiency standards for lightbulbs, we’re putting $3 billion back in the pockets of American consumers every year and substantially reducing domestic carbon emissions,” Granholm raved, according to The Associated Press.

Numerous Twitter users mocked the Biden administration, saying it’s ignoring urgent issues impacting Americans every day in favor of relatively trivial matters (that theoretically won’t even bear fruit for three decades).

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida tweeted, “While inflation is raging, violent criminals rampage across America and our border is being overrun, Joe Biden is focused on banning old lightbulbs.”

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Other Twitter users argued that consumers will ultimately end up spending more money because the higher cost of LED bulbs outweighs the trivial amount in savings they’ll supposedly get from avoiding incandescent bulbs.

Biden’s relentless focus on addressing relatively inconsequential issues by imposing even more regulations underscores that the left truly wants to control every part of our lives — from how we light our homes to how children are raised.

Meanwhile, the country is buckling under the weight of raging inflation, an ongoing border invasion and horrifying crime spikes. But never fear — Biden is banning old light bulbs!

Sadly for America, missing the forest for the trees is a toxic hallmark of Biden’s failed presidency.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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