Attack on Israel Launched from Neighboring Lebanon in Unexpected Turn


An anti-Israel group in Lebanon launched three rockets at the embattled Jewish state yesterday as the conflict between Israel and Hamas terrorists continued to gain momentum.

All three rockets fell into the Mediterranean Sea and those responsible were arrested by Lebanese security forces, according to The Jerusalem Post.

The Jerusalem Post also reported that an airstrike by Israel Defense Forces struck a vehicle carrying weapons on the Lebanon-Syria border.

The IDF also issued a tweet following the attack stating that they repelled an unknown number of violent agitators who crossed into Israel from Lebanon on foot.

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The attempted attacks thankfully missed their intended targets, but the escalation in Israel’s ongoing defense against Hamas to include radical elements in countries other than Palestine presents a troubling signal that the conflict may grow further and draw in otherwise disparate Islamic extremist sects.

The arrival of anti-Israel terrorists outside of Palestine also raises the troubling question of what defense Israel will have recourse to should the next attack come from a country other than Lebanon.

Indeed, though Lebanese security forces admirably arrived on the scene and arrested those involved, attacks from Syria or Egypt may not be met with so much resistance. And retaliating against terrorists based in other countries is an altogether more difficult feat to contend with than the already difficult situation of insurgency.

Nevertheless, it is a situation that Israel will almost certainly have to contend with, as the IDF even now issues reports of new rocket attacks stemming from extremists in war-torn Syria.

With Syrian and Lebanese extremists joining in the fray, Israel faces a multi-front battle against well-armed and well-trained terrorists.

Despite this, the Biden administration and the international community more broadly have failed to issue even a limp condemnation of the terroristic violence being hurled at Israel.

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In point of fact, Democratic lawmakers such as Rashida Tlaib have gone so far as to join in rallies against the very existence of the state of Israel, while others such as Ilhan Omar have blatantly defended Hamas and hyperbolically claimed that Israel is a terrorist state.

The state of affairs is a far cry from just last year, when then-President Donald Trump oversaw the signing and expansion of the Abraham Accords, which were hailed for signaling a shift to a new era of peace in the Middle East.

Indian journalist Atul Mishra lamented the Biden administration’s failure to maintain peace in the region.

“With Lebanon’s attack on Israel, Hezbollah has entered the scene,” Mishra tweeted. “Congratulations to Joe Biden and the arms industry complex for successfully plunging the Middle East into war.”

Israel is under attack from extremist elements in at least three countries. Its people are being terrorized by violent radicals and its defense forces are being maligned by the foreign press.

Israel can hold on, yes. But for how long?

What comes next is anybody’s guess, but the U.S. ought to be by her ally’s side during this time of great struggle and suffering.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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