AOC Accused of 'Literally Admitting to Election Interference' with Trump 'Ankle Bracelet' Comment


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has never been accused of being overburdened with intelligence, but her recent faux pas might end up in the top 10 for her dumbest public moments.

Not content to have shown up to the world’s most exclusive party with a dress reading “Tax the Rich,” or to have humiliated herself via a recent public spat in Congress, AOC decided to further put her foot in her mouth while speaking with reporters about Donald Trump’s legal affairs.

As reported in The Washington Times, AOC declared that the only reason the former president was planning to host a rally in the South Bronx was because he was “broke.”

Elaborating on this statement in a video shared to the social media platform X by the Washington Post, AOC continued her long history of legendary gaffes by deciding to comment on Trump’s legal difficulties.

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In the video, AOC told reporters, “He’s doing it in the South Bronx, not to make a point, but because he’s got court, and the man practically has the legal version of an ankle bracelet around him, and he can’t leave the five boroughs because he always has to be in court.”

She might want to have kept that part to herself.

Because, hearing those words, most ordinary folks watching would probably want to ask her, who have been the ones responsible for keeping him there in the first place?

Are the prosecutions of Trump election interference?

Oblivious to her blunder, however, AOC pressed on, saying, “It is truly an embarrassment to him, and I am looking forward to response of everyday Bronxites talking about how they feel about him coming to their background.”

AOC ended her little diatribe clearly quite pleased with herself, but the good folks of X were quick to notice her accidental admission, with one user commenting “Open mouth, insert foot. Thanks for confirming.”

Chaya Raichik of LibsofTikTok likewise shared the clip with her followers, with the caption, “She’s literally admitting to election interference.”

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Other users concurred.


While AOC’s history of hypocrisy has been well-documented, it still was extremely foolish of her to comment on Trump’s legal situation and campaign efforts.

It was rather below the belt for her to make fun of Trump for his legal affairs putting constraints on his campaign since it was AOC’s fellow Democrats putting him in this position in the first place.

Was she trying to pretend that Trump’s unorthodox campaign has not been directly because of the carefully timed and politically motivated prosecutions by the Democrats?

She just made Trump’s election interference case for him.

Usually politicians are careful to dress up their nefarious actions with pretty sounding words, pretending such things are not occurring.

It generally has not been considered good political practice to all but admit that your party is actively preventing your political opponent from campaigning with bogus lawsuits.

But, of course, considering this is the woman who let herself get effortlessly pulled into a catty, high school girl argument during a House Oversight Committee hearing barely a week ago, perhaps we should not expect too much from her.

Never change, AOC, never change.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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